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What Is Naturopathy?

Louise is a nurse practitioner and is trained in naturopathy. Naturopathic medicine originated in Europe and is based on supporting the body to heal itself through changes in lifestyle, behavior, and diet. This practice includes the use of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, and recommendation for other therapies. Dietary supplements are products which are used to supplement your diet and are aimed at treating deficiencies which can help restore health and wellness and alleviate and prevent disease and illness. Herbal products are derived from plant products. A combination of these can be recommended to help you improve your health and wellness to and used to treat underlying deficiencies which are causing illness and disease.

Louise practices Integrative Medicine which is becoming more popular and a holistic approach to health care. Integrative Medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes into account the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), as well as all aspects of their lifestyle. It emphasizes a therapeutic relationship between the patient and the provider and incorporated the use of all available therapies, both conventional (traditional medicine) and alternative medicine/modalities. Integrative medicine aims to focus on health and healing rather than on treatment of disease.

Mind-body medicine modalities may also be recommended to help restore you to health and wellness. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Animal assisted therapy which includes the used of animals to strengthen the human-animal bond which will help to improved response to stress and improved mood.
  • Art therapy which includes the use of basic art supplies to promote and maintain physical and mental well-being.
  • Craft therapy which includes the incorporation of a craft or hobby to promote and maintain physical and mental well being.
  • Guided imagery which uses interventions to optimize mind-body connection to promote healing and relieve symptoms.
  • Meditation which helps to focus the mind and body to clear thoughts and promote relaxation.
  • Music therapy which uses music that is soothing and/or enjoyable to that particular individual. This is used to promote relaxation and alleviate anxiety and/or other negative emotions.
  • Prayer therapy which uses prayer to promote spiritual well being and a connection with belief in a Higher Being. This can be customized to that particular individual’s specific religious beliefs.
  • Recommendations for chiropractic/manipulative therapy and massage therapy may also be made to help promote maximum health and wellness.

Incorporating vitamin, dietary, and herbal supplements is becoming increasingly more popular. But it should be done under the direction and supervision of a licensed practitioner, who is knowledgeable about the pathology of disease processes and potential interactions of prescription medications. Adding a supplement should not be done without consulting a health care provider who is familiar with natural and Integrative medicine.

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