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Quality vitamins and supplements
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Resources for Better Health

Tips for healthy eating.
High-fructose corn syrup: Why is it so bad for me?

Medical Professionals

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Meet Louise

Louise Diehl Louise is a Nurse Practitioner in private practice in Phillipsburg New Jersey. She has many years of experience and a variety of clinical experience. She has completed extensive training in natural/holistic health care.

She is presently completing a doctorate program in Naturopathy. This training allows her to incorporate proper nutrition with natural medicine with the use of herbals, vitamins, minerals. This approach is the best way to help you improve your health and wellness naturally. She also will prescribe the typical allopathic medicines and modalities as she determines is appropriate for your care.

Her Nurse Practitioner training permits her to treat adults 17 and older. She is dual board certified and completes many continuing education contact hours in order to keep current on the most recent treatments available. She has published many articles and has had helped author many nursing textbooks. She is very thorough in her approach to your health care. You can expect your first appointment at her office to be approximately 1 hour long as she will discuss many issues that affects your health and wellness.

She will make you feel comfortable to discuss any aspect of your health that you want and everything you share with her will be kept strictly confidential. She is a very caring health care provider and realizes that every individual is different and complex. She doesn’t treat you as a number and takes the time to really get to know you. She will also recommend alternative modalities to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

You will be surprised how a visit to a Nurse Practitioner can greatly improve your health physically, emotionally and mentally.