How to Promote Health and Wellness





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Quality vitamins and supplements
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Resources for Better Health

Tips for healthy eating.
High-fructose corn syrup: Why is it so bad for me?

Medical Professionals

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Important Forms

 You can save time and not have to arrive early for your appointment by completing the forms with the required information beforehand.

All forms you will need are provided below. You may download, print, and complete the forms provided below at any time before your scheduled appointment. Then, you can just turn in the completed forms when you arrive.

All forms are provided in PDF file format.

General Forms

The following forms are required for every client of Lehigh Valley Wellness Center.

        Client Intake
        Financial Policy
        Health History
        HIPPA Authorization
        Telephone Contact Release

Aesthetic Procedures Forms

These teo forms are required for every client of Lehigh Valley Wellness Center who schedules an Aesthetic Procedure.     

        Aesthetic Skin Procedures Intake
        Post Treatment Instructions.doc

Having Problems Downloading?

If you experience any difficulty downloading the above forms, try either of the following:

    Right-click on the form(s) you need. Then, click "Save As..." or "Save Target As..." and save the file to your computer.